Love in 18 Languages (+ printable)

Love valentines project

When I came across the book Creative Lettering  at Mothers Daughters Sisters, I knew C(10) and I would enjoy doodling with the fun fonts it contains.

I also love foreign languages, and dabble with them at every opportunity. So I was most over-excited when I had the idea for this Valentines-inspired art project: writing “love” in 18 different languages.

Love Valentines Project

I put together the “love” translations in this document {free printable PDF} and made us each a copy. The languages include German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Greek, plus seven more.

Love Valentines Project

Then we sat doodling together for a happy hour or so. We used Creative Lettering for font inspiration but if you don’t have the book you can find plenty of instant, free inspiration with a google image search for fun fonts.

As we wrote the different words, we commented on the similarities and differences between the different languages. We contrasted the word for “love” in the Romance languages (amor, amore, amour) with the Germanic words (Liebe, Liefde). We noticed how similar the Russian and Croatian words are.  And how alike the Mandarin Chinese and Japanese characters are.

Love Valentines Project

Once we had checked off all the languages, we doodled in the blank spaces.

Love Valentines Art Project

Then, after C(10) had wandered off to compose a song, I carried on tinkering with our creations. I photocopied them onto pastel coloured paper and put eight together to make a poster which is now adorning one of our homeschool supply cupboards!

Love Valentines Art Project

We had so much fun with this project. We might repeat it another time with other words – perhaps, “happy”, “spring”, or “joy”.

Do let me know if you try it!

Love Valentines Art project

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