Easter Holidays

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We had a fabulous Easter break. The weather was mild and sunny. Not hot, but temperatures of about 16C (60F) didn’t stop my kids getting wet at every opportunity.

River swing collage jpg

We discovered this idyllic spot at the end of last summer. It’s 5 minutes from where we live so we will be going there a lot this year (Not exactly sure why I numbered these photos. I’m sure you can figure out what’s going on)

Birthday Collage

J(8) became J(9)

(1) This birthday banner was inspired by the Colwell Crew – thanks Angie,  J(9) loved it.

(2) & (4) J(9) asked for a cake based on his Minecraft skin so C(9) made him a delicious chocolate fudge cake topped with his Minecraft skin drawn using GIMP and printed on rice paper. (I’m not sure how edible printer ink is but mostly we peeled it off before we ate!)   (3) A birthday visit to Legoland.

Virgina Water collage

A lovely day out at Virginia Water. More paddling – and I was there too :-)

Beach collage jpg

Easter at the beach (1) C(10) enjoying the quiet beach early one morning (2) hunting for Easter Eggs

This week we’re easing into the summer term (UK schools don’t break up for summer until mid July). The way we homeschool, that doesn’t mean a huge change.

During “term time” there’s more reading aloud, board games and mulling over maths puzzles. I strew, and I suggest copywork and poetry tea. We do science experiments.

But on days like today when both my children are busy writing fan fiction on their computers, I feel so thankful we don’t have a set agenda and I can leave them to follow their inspiration while I share a few of my favourite memories with you.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break, too.


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